Hotel Automation


Whether you are looking to reduce energy costs, increase comfort or manage lighting, Delight Solutions Limited has you covered. With our many partners around the world, we have access to many world class hotel automation solutions.
Hotel Automation systems enables hotel owners to provide their guests the convenience of controlling multiple functions in their room including lighting, temperature, drapes and audio/video systems using automated interfaces.

How We Do It

Hotel Automation Systems addresses typical operational  concerns of various functional departments including front office, room sales/marketing, housekeeping, engineering and security.  Hotel Automation System enables seamless integration with HVAC, lighting, room safes, mini bar, door locks, computerized maintenance management system and guest room management systems.
Our hotel automation solutions have enabled our customers to experience high return on investment through improved operational efficiency, reduced energy costs, effective management of resources.


The Guest Room Automation System enables hotel guests to experience enhanced comfort through microprocessor-based smart bed-side consoles, which allow them to operate all the systems in their room such as lights, air-conditioner, TV, music system etc., from the comfort of their bed.
The integration of the guest rooms with the hotel property management system enables hotel staff to monitor and control HVAC based on occupancy to reduce energy costs, attend to guest’s requests instantly for improved services, fast cool room air-conditioning for comfort when the guest checks-in, monitor guest’s departure for cleaning service etc.

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